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Sustainable Processes that reduce our environmental impact

Our commitment to a sustainable future guides our approach to environmentally responsible manufacturing. As a result of continual improvement on energy efficiency, IPEX recently exceeded its 2% annual energy reduction goals, saving 3% across molding plants, 4% across extrusion plants, and 10% across fabrication.


Minimizing resource use

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Maximize recycling

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Building toward a sustainable future


Recycling is central to our operations at IPEX. In addition to regrinding our factory scrap directly into new pipe and incorporating post-industrial recycled materials into Enviro-Tite products, we recycle and reuse resources whenever possible, from water and acetone to wood palettes and steel strappings.

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Reduced resource use

Minimizing resource use drives our decision making, from installing LED lighting across all facilities to reducing transportation emissions by ensuring no truck leaves without a full load. We are consistently upgrading all equipment and systems to incorporate more efficient technology.