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We build a sustainable future through ecologically responsible solutions for critical services including clean drinking water and sanitation.

At IPEX, sustainability is central to our operations. We envision and enable resilient communities in which resources are recycled, reused, and reinvested.

As part of Aliaxis, we are dedicated to a global vision of corporate leadership on sustainability, recognizing that our shared future requires unwavering commitment to protecting our planet and its resources.

Our sustainability approach has two components incorporating our products and processes. At every site and level of our company, we capitalize on our employees’ ingenuity to consistently improve our environmental impact.

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Our products are the safest, longest-lasting, and most environmentally responsible choice. IPEX solutions are superior to competitors on sustainability measures due to minimal resource demands in production, light weight, durability, recyclability, and use of recycled materials.

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Through recycling and reduced resource use, we minimize our carbon footprint across operations. From LED lighting and free cooling processes to continual reuse of water and scrap materials, we are always innovating toward greater sustainability.

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Our commitment advances progress on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

Solutions: Clean water and sanitation

We deliver affordable, durable, long-lasting solutions to make clean water and sanitation accessible.

Solutions: Sustainable cities and communities

Our solutions have the lowest available carbon footprint and endure for centuries.

Solutions:  Responsible consumption and production

Recycling, reuse, and reduced resource consumption drive our operations.

Solutions: Climate action

By continually innovating toward greater sustainability, we engineer a sustainable future.