Duraflo® Soffit Vents

Duraflo® Soffit Vents provide your home with a balanced ventilation system.

  • Small louvers guard against weather and insect infiltration
  • Lightweight, easy to install under eaves
  • High Performance

Soffit vents are an integral part of a balanced ventilation system, providing the intake of fresh air into the home. Duraflo Soffit Vents are designed to be durable and install easily under eaves and feature small louvers to guard against weather and insect infiltration.



Throughout our history Duraflo has listened to you, the customer, to create solutions to meet your building needs. In developing and maintaining an open dialogue with both our internal and external partners, we have created a wide variety of unique products second to none in the marketplace. 

Why Ventilate with Duraflo?

To Effectively Remove Winter Moisture

Without proper ventilation heat from the home can build in the attic space, then cool and condense, soaking the insulation and ceilings with moisture


To Drastically Remove Summer Heat

Without proper ventilation trapped summer heat builds up in the attic warming the living space below


To Protect Shingle Life Span

Proper Ventilation eliminates extreme temperature ranges, assuring the life span of the shingles