System 636® CPVC

The Certified System for FLUE GAS VENTING.

  • CPVC is rated up to 90ºC (194ºF)
  • Manufactured and supported by CPVC piping system experts
  • Installer training is available

System 636® CPVC is a fully certified flue gas vent system consisting of pipe, fittings, cements, and accessories certified to ULC 636.

Since the inception of System 636, IPEX has made numerous product line additions and extensions to now offer the most complete product offering in the market. Also, System 636 is very professionally represented by IPEX with sales, technical, code issues and training support.

Front and center to aid installers and inspectors is the System 636 Installation Guide. The contents of this guide are part of the certification process and contain many important aspects of installation to ensure successful, code compliant installations. Issues addressed in the Guide include support spacing, expansion and contraction, solvent cementing procedures and special installation and terminations.




We offer System 636 in CPVC material, with a unique temperature rating. This venting system is approved as Type BH vents and is designed for negative or positive pressure venting of gas-fired appliances.


System 636 CPVC is classified as Type BH Class IIB vent, suitable for use on appliances with flue gas temperatures up to and including 90ºC (194ºF). CPVC sizes include 1-1/2", 2", 2- 1/2", 3", 4", 6" and 8". Colored grey, System 636 CPVC pipe is also made to Sch. 40 dimensions to be tough enough for the application’s demands.


System 636 CPVC solvent cements are specifically formulated and certified for flue gas venting applications. We also offer a CPVC Primer for applications where the gas venting system is to be installed in temperatures below 0ºC (32ºF). A certified Transition Cement is available for connections to ABS appliance connectors.


  • Fully certified as a complete pipe, fittings and cement system
  • CPVC is rated up to 90ºC (194ºF)
  • No mixing clause of ULC S636 ensures full compatibility of all pipe, fittings and cement
  • Installer training available



System 636 CPVC carries a ULC S636 Class IIB certification and is certified for use up to and including 90°C (194ºF). Ensure the proper System 636 CPVC Cement and Primer is to be used for installation.



Material type and/or temperature rating is included in the pipe print line as well as on the mandatory orange and black warning label applied to each fitting. All certified IPEX System 636 products carry a Warnock Hersey mark. Warning labels on pipe and fittings are required by ULC S636 and clearly distinguish a certified gas venting system from every day, non-certified plumbing pipe. Look for the orange and black label and the mark of a recognized certification agency as assurance the system being used is certified.



System 636 Pipe, Fittings and Cements are certified as a system and must be installed as such. Different manufacturers have different materials, joining systems and adhesives. Do NOT mix pipe, fittings, solvents, or joining methods from different BH Vent manufacturers, this can result in unsafe conditions. Exchanging components from various manufacturers violates the conditions of certification in the ULC S636 standard and would void the IPEX product warranty. IPEX ABS plumbing pipe and fittings do not meet ULC S636 requirements and must not be installed for flue gas venting. When retrofitting existing water heaters, furnaces or boilers, do not connect System 636 certified vent systems to existing, non-certified appliance vent materials. Replace the entire venting system with listed product to ensure compliance. Before connecting any piping system to an appliance, ensure the manufacturers’ installation instructions are followed, especially with respect to vent material selection.


System 636 Flue Gas Venting Finds Home in HGTV Celebrity Scott McGillivray’s New House

Scott McGillivray approached IPEX to provide piping, conduit and venting for his home because of IPEX’s reputation for providing a broad range of high-quality themoplastic products.