Philmac® Compression Fittings

Thanks to Philmac’s unique Slide & Tighten™ technology, you can get a perfect seal with Philmac 3G fittings by hand or with a wrench.

  • Faster, easier installation than brass or metal insert fittings.
  • Higher pull-out resistance than brass or metal.
  • Can easily be converted to work with IPSOD, composite or copper pipes.

Turn on to the next generation of water line compression fittings: Philmac 3G. Based on 25 years of fitting experience, 3G is our most innovative and revolutionary fitting yet. It represents the culmination of years of development and engineering, cutting-edge manufacturing technology and punishing performance testing.

To create a truly advanced next generation fitting, Philmac questioned every detail—from fitting design to material. The end result is a plastic fitting that’s strong, easy to install and long-lasting, all at a cost lower than that of brass fittings with a quality far superior to metal insert fittings.



Philmac 3G Compression Fittings

1/1/2" - 2" (12mm - 50mm)

Water Service Coupling

Residential Water Service

Residential Irrigation Systems

Cottage Country Water Service

Rural Irrigation12mm -