TerraBrute® CR Restrained Joint PVC Pipe (CIOD)

Engineered for Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) and other trenchless applications

  • Designed for total compatibility with your municipal system
  • TerraBrute® CR requires no expensive equipment or special installer training.
  • The highest pull strength safety factors in the industry for HDD applications.

Developed in consultation with leading trenchless technology research experts, and rigorously tested in the field, TerraBrute® CR trenchless PVC pressure pipe easily withstands the high tensile and bending forces that occur during HDD and other types of trenchless installation.

TerraBrute® CR’s non-metallic "ring-and-pin" gasketed joint design outperforms all other restrained PVC pipe joints on the market, providing more than twice the pull strength of other HDD systems – up to 120,000 lbs. for 300mm / 12” pipe. Unlike competing square-shoulder designs, TerraBrute CR’s rounded bell shoulders slide by roots, rocks and other debris that can protrude into the borehole. And unlike HDPE, TerraBrute CR requires no relaxation time before installation of fittings or services.



TerraBrute® CR Restrained-Joint PVC Pipe (CIOD)

DR18 235 psi (1620 kPa)      8 - 12" (200 - 300 mm)

DR14 305 psi (2100 kPa)      4 & 6" (100 & 150 mm)

CSA B137.3 certified


NSF Std. 61 certified

UL 1285

BNQ NQ 3624-250*

Horizontal directional drilling

Pipe bursting

Seismic zone piping

Casing installations

Steep slope pipelines



PVC pipe used for horizontal directional drilling (HDD) or other trenchless installation methods shall be manufactured with a cast iron outside diameter (CIOD) and shall be made with starting stock certified to CSA B137.3 for 100mm - 300mm (4" - 12") diameters. Pipe will meet the requirements of AWWA C900, must be Factory Mutual approved, and listed by ULC and ULI.



The maximum allowable pulling force shall be the ultimate tensile capacity of the piping system divided by a safety factor of 2, as shown in the table below.



PVC pipe must be manufactured with an integral bell, and must have removable gaskets to allow the use of oil-resistant (nitrile) gaskets in contaminated soils.