Blue Brute® PVC Pipe (CIOD)

PVC Pressure System manufactured to AWWA and CSA Standards

  • Bottle-tight Joints, Removable Gaskets
  • The glass-like finish of PVC reduces friction losses and eliminates the tuberculation
  • Corrosion-Proof Performance

Designed for municipal applications, Blue Brute® systems deliver superior strength with corrosion resistant performance and the ability to flex without damage. IPEX municipal pressure piping systems are made with a high-strength, high-impact PVC compound, allowing them to perform even under high traffic loads and deep burial conditions.

All IPEX municipal systems are third-party certified as applicable. In addition, IPEX Blue Brute® systems have Factory Mutual approval and Underwriter’s Laboratories (ULI and ULC) listings.



Blue Brute® PVC Pipe (CIOD)

4 - 12" (100 - 300 mm)                      DR25 165 psi (1130 kPa)

4 - 12" (100 - 300 mm)                      DR18 235 psi (1620 kPa)

4 - 12" (100 - 300 mm)                      DR14 305 psi (2100 kPa)

CSA B137.3 certified


FM 1612 approved

UL 1285 Listed

NSF Std. 61 certified

BNQ NQ 3624-250*

Municipal transmission mains

Municipal distribution mains

Sewer forcemains

Fire lines

Industrial process lines

Irrigation piping



Blue Brute pipe shall be certified to CSA B137.3 “Rigid PolyvinylChloride PVC Pipe for Pressure Applications” and shall conform to AWWA C900 “Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Pressure Pipe, 4" – 12" for Water Transmission and Distribution.” Blue Brute DR25 pipe shall have a pressure class/rating of 1120 kPa (165 psi). DR18 pipe shall have a pressure class/rating of 1620 kPa (235 psi). DR14 pipe shall have a pressure class/rating of 2100 kPa (305 psi).


Blue Brute pipe shall be made from PVC compound conforming to ASTM D1784 cell class 12454B.


Pipe shall be suitable for use at maximum hydrostatic working pressure equal to the pressure class/rating at 23°C (73°F). Laying lengths shall be 6.1 metres (20 feet). Pipe shall have cast-iron outside diameters. Each length of pipe must be proof-tested at two times the pressure class.


The gasket shall be carefully fitted to the bell groove if not already factory installed. Both bell and spigot shall be clean and free of debris before approved lubricant is applied. The pipe and/or fittings shall be joined by push-fitting bell-and-spigot joint to the depth line marked on the spigot. When pipe has been cut in the field, the end shall be made square and beveled to a 15º chamfer. All insertion lines should be re-drawn, according to the IPEX Pressure Pipe Installation Guide. Blue Brute fittings shall conform to AWWA C907 “Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Pressure Fittings for Water (4" through 12")” and be certified to CSA B137.2 “PVC Injection Moulded Gasketed Fittings for Pressure Applications.” They shall also be UL Listed and FM approved.


Fabricated fittings shall be made from segments of AWWA C900 PVC pipe. Segments are bonded together and may be over-wrapped with fibreglass-reinforced polyester. The pressure class must match the pipe. The fittings must meet the requirements of CSA B137.3.