Vanstone Flanges

Loose-ring Vanstone flanges allow for greater flexibility during installation.

  • Class 150 Vanstone flanges available in all standard PVC sizes
  • Interior remains smooth in virtually every service, making it resistant to rust, pit, scale and corrosion
  • 4” -12” flange rings are injection molded fiberglass reinforced and 14” - 24” are ½” thick steel

The NACO product line includes fabricated CL150 Vanstone style flanges for almost any application. These two piece flanges made with a rotating ring make bolt alignment simple and efficient. Flanges are available in all standard PVC sizes covering Schedule 40 & 80 and PIP pipe. Our vast line of Vanstone flanges, including Socket, Spigot, and Gasket joint options make it possible to make any combination of the above products in both pressure and/or drainage applications.



Vanstone Flanges

Material: PVC

Size Range: 4” through 36”


  • Material Transitions
  • Valve Installation
  • Pump Installation
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Agricultural Applications
  • Industrial Applications


As with all NACO fittings, our NACO Vanstone flanges meets or exceeds all applicable ASTM standards.