Surface Gated Fittings

PVC Surface gated-pipe fittings for above-ground, lay-flat piping applications.

  • Offered in both gasketed and solvent-weld joints
  • Gasketed joint fittings are available with Watergate, Gheen, or Felton gasket options
  • Surface PVC Inline Butterfly Valves available for diameters 6” – 12”

Surface Gated PVC piping systems have come to dominate the above-ground irrigation market where integral joints, dent-resistant transmission lines and corrosion resistance are critical, where benefits include less friction in surface row crop irrigation.



Surface Gated Fittings

Material: PVC

Size Range: 6” through 12”

Pressure Ratings: 22 psi

Standards/Certifications: n/a


  • Above Ground Irrigation Systems
  • Basin Irrigation
  • Border Strip Irrigation
  • Furrow Irrigation


NACO’s Surface Gated fittings are rated for pressures not exceeding 22 psi. Our Surface Gated PVC Fittings meet or exceed applicable ASTM standards, and/or materials used in the manufacturing process meet or exceed applicable ASTM standards.