Molded PIP Solvent Weld Fittings

Injection molded PIP fittings for the agricultural irrigation market.

  • Injection Molded PIP Elbows and Tees
  • Sleek and Robust one-piece molded fitting
  • Molded fittings exclusively available in Solvent Weld

Robustly engineered and highlighted by our unique design, NACO molded PIP fittings from IPEX have set the benchmark for quality and endurance designed to meet your stringent requirements for accuracy and flow efficiency.



Molded PIP Solvent Weld Fittings

Material: PVC

Size Range: 6” through 15”

Pressure Ratings: 80, 100 & 125 psi

Standards/Certifications: ASTM D1784, D2564, D2855


  • Irrigation Systems
  • Pressure drip and sprinkler irrigation systems
  • Dairy flush and waste effluent systems
  • Custom fabricated distribution systems
  • Harvested fruit and vegetable water sorting systems
  • Fish hatchery water delivery systems


As with all NACO fittings, our PIP line meets or exceeds all applicable ASTM standards including ASTM D1784, D2564, D2855.