PAL-AT Cable Leak Detection

PAL-AT Continuous Cable Leak Detection

  • For buried pipeline systems
  • Fully automated
  • Continuous leak detection

IPEX PAL-AT cable leak detection is a microprocessor based system that offers continuous leak detection. The system is fully automated, and ideal for buried double containment piping applications that require exact leak location.

The IPEX PAL-AT continuous cable leak detection system compliments our Centra-GuardTM electronic low point leak detection system and adds extra versatility to our extensive double containment offering.



This microprocessor based system offers continuous cable leak detection that allows for precise leak detection and will identify the type of alarm (leak/break/short/probe) as well as the location, minimizing repair time and cost. The system is fully automated and ideal for buried double containment piping applications. It is capable of locating leaks within 5 feet of the source and will continue monitoring even after a leak is detected.


  • Underground pipeline systems that require exact leak location detection


  • Coaxial Sensing Cable with adjustable sensitivity
  • Microprocessor based monitoring unit capable of monitoring 2000, 5000, or 7500ft of cable per sensor string
  • Backlit LCD providing constant system data
  • System will identify type of leak and location
  • Continuous monitoring even after a leak is detected


PAL-AT Continuous Cable Leak Detection

The Leak Detection/Location System shall consist of a microprocessor based panel capable of continuous monitoring of a sensor string for leaks, breaks and shorts. The unit shall have a sensing range of [2,000] [5,000] [7,500] feet per cable [with up to eight cables per panel]. The alarm unit(s) shall operate on the principle of pulsed energy reflection and be capable of mapping the entire length of the sensor cable and storing the digitized system map in non-volatile memory. The alarm unit(s) shall provide continuous indication that the sensor cable is being monitored.

The system manufacturer shall have experience with leak detection/location sensor cable technology and provide a factory trained representative at two on-site meetings for pre-construction and sensor/electronics installation.

The alarm unit(s) shall be enclosed in a modified NEMA 12 enclosure and have a two line by forty character display providing status and alarm data. The monitoring unit(s) [shall be field connected to an] [shall have a factory mounted] alarm horn. The unit(s) shall have a red LED optical alarm that is illuminated when any cable is in alarm. The monitoring unit shall be UL Listed and FM Approved to provide connections for intrinsically safe sensor circuits for use in Class 1, Division 1, Group C and D Hazardous Locations.

The system shall be tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class A digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC rules and so labeled.

The system shall be evaluated by an independent third party according to the Third Party Procedures developed according to the U.S. EPA's "Standard Test Procedure for Evaluating Leak Detection Methods: Liquid-Phase Out-of-Tank Product Detectors". The evaluation results shall verify the system manufacturer's claims regarding sensitivity, range and other performance data.

The sensor cable, connectors, [probes] and jumpers shall be supplied by the manufacturer of the monitoring unit(s).

Software will be available that allows the manufacturer to remotely or on-site interface through the RS-232 serial port for trouble shooting and diagnostics. Software shall have the ability to operate the PAL-AT monitoring units and retrieve each of the stored reference maps and current condition TDR traces.