Clear-Guard™ Clear PVC

Clear containment system allows for easy detection of leaks and eliminates the risks associated with piping aggressive chemicals overhead.

  • Clear containment system
  • Patented Centra-Lock design reduces the required joints by 40 - 60%
  • Fittings are available in clear or opaque

Clear-Guard's fail-safe, fully pressure rated clear containment system allows for easy visual detection of leaks and eliminates the risks associated with piping aggressive chemicals overhead.


  • Plant chemical distribution lines
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Semiconductor
  • Water and wastewater
  • Overhead Piping for personnel/ property/equipment protection



Clear-Guard utilizes Guardian's patented Centra-Lok fitting design, which reduces the required joints by 40-60%. Fittings are available in clear or opaque containment fittings.

Material          Carrier              Containment

PVC                  -                       1/2" - 8"



Each contained piping system shall consist of Xirtec 140 PVC or Corzan CPVC primary piping system supported within a Clear-Guard Schedule 40 clear PVC secondary containment housing. Carrier fitting sizes 1/2" through 4" will use Centra-Lok [U.S.Patent No. 5,398,973] molded supports minimizing the number of field (factory assembled) fitting joints. Each system shall be provided with suitable drains and vents and be designed to provide complete drainage of both the primary and secondary containment piping. Interstitial supporting devices shall be made from Polypropylene Centra-Guide supports and shall be provided within the secondary containment pipe, and shall be designed to allow continuous drainage in the annular space to the drain points. Drain fittings shall be designed to allow a valve attachment to be made so that the secondary containment compartment maybe readily drained and manually checked for leaks.


GuardianTM Double Containment at CAES Facility
IPEX Guardian Double Containment Piping System ensures safe transport of untreated frac water at CAES facility.
IPEX Double Containment PVC System Protects Chemical Lines at North Toronto Wastewater Treatment Plant
To ensure safety and reliability, the systems that transport the sodium hypochlorite and sodium bisulphate are double contained to prevent any possible leaks or spills.
IPEX Loves New York City
IPEX supplied over 17 miles of PVC and CPVC Double Containment Piping Systems: GuardianTM and CustomGuard®.
Baltimore’s Patapsco Wastewater Treatment Plant Needs Double Containment Pipe
IPEX GuardianTM and CustomGuard® double containment systems were used to guarantee durability and the secure transport of potentially dangerous chemicals throughout the wastewater treatment plant.
IPEX Piping Systems - Sugar Land, TX
IPEX Thermoplastic Piping Systems delivers potable water and conserves ground water.
Guardian Double Containment at Lakeview Wastewater Treatment Plant
IPEX Guards 137 Million Gallons a Day at the Lakeview Wastewater Treatment Plant.
Dallas´ Elm Fork Water Treatment Plant is Fit for the Future with IPEX Piping Systems
Fortunately, piping systems from IPEX provided the quality, breadth of product and available options to effectively meet the plant’s day-to-day operations.