DKD Series Diaphragm Valve

The DKD Series diaphragm valve is an ultra-compact, direct acting pneumatic valve that is ideal for shutting off extremely dirty and highly viscous fluids.




Body Material: PVC

Size Range: 1/2" through 2"

Pressure: 120 psi

Diaphragm: EPDM

Control Style: Direct Acting Pneumatic

End Connections: Spigot, True Union




A. Direct Acting Diaphragm Valves:
1. The basis of design is the IPEX DKD Series diaphragm valve:

a. Body:
    1. Xirtec® 140 Schedule 80 PVC, cell class 12454 per ASTM D1784.

b. Body Color: Dark Grey.

c. Bonnet Color: Black.

d. Design:
    1. Fail position: normally open
    2. GFPP bonnet with 316 SS nuts and bolts and PE plugs.
    3. All wetted components shall comply with NSF Standard 61 for potable water.
    4. All valves shall be marked to indicate size, material designation, and manufacturers name or trade mark.
    5. Temperature Range: 32oF to 140oF
    6. Nominal pressure rating: 120 PSI @ 73oF

e. Size: As specified on the drawings.

f. End connection type:
    1. IPS Socket shall conform to dimensional standard ASTM D2466 and ASTM D2467.
    2. IPS Spigot shall conform to dimensional standard ASTM D1785.
    3. Female NPT Thread shall conform to dimensional standard ASTM D1785.

g. Diaphragm Material:
    1. EPDM.

h. O-rings
    1. EPDM.

i. Actuator:
    1. Media:
        a. Air.
        b. Water.
    2. Operation: On / Off flow control.
    3. Fail Position: Normally Open.
    4. Control media connection: 1/4" Threaded NPT.
    5. Maximum allowable control pressure: 145 PSI at 73oF
    6. Control temperature range: -4oF to 120oF

j. Accessories:
    1. The contractor shall supply and furnish IPEX’s wall mounting plate as required to secure the DKD diaphragm valve to the wall.
    2. The contractor shall supply a 3/2 ways electromagnetic pilot solenoid valve for direct or manifold mounting.
       a. 24V DC Voltage
       b. Operating temperature range 15oF to 130oF
       c. Working pressure: 145 PSI
       d. 100% Duty Cycle
       e. IP65 enclosure rating
       f. FPM will be used as the seal material
       g. UL/CSA listing h. The pilot solenoid control valve shall be supplied by the valve manufacturer

2. Acceptable Manufacturers
    a. IPEX
    b. Or approved alternate

1. Requests for alternate material must be approved by the consulting engineer prior to the bid closing date.