Enfield™ Electrofusion

Enfield electrofusion fittings have revolutionized the industry, delivering unparalleled reliability in acid waste applications.

  • Several joints can be made at one time
  • Microprocessor controlled Enfusion unit
  • Installed cost 50% less than glass

Enfield electrofusion polypropylene acid waste systems are capable of handling a variety of corrosive chemicals and pH levels found in various chemical waste applications.

In fact, our Enfield electrofusion fittings have revolutionized the industry, delivering unparalleled reliability in acid waste applications, above and below grade.



EnfieldTM electrofusion acid waste systems are available in Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 pipe sizes from 1 1/2" to 12" IPS. Both flame-retardant and non-flame-retardant pipe is available.

Enfield electrofusion fittings are molded with an integral resistance wire in the socket, with jointing completed by energizing the resistance wire via a microprocessor controlled Enfusion Control Unit. The result of these innovations is an unparalleled level of joint reliability and repeatability. Enfield has proven over time that it produces the optimum level of performance where it matters most - at the joint interface. It offers unprecedented control of jointing - controlled fit, controlled temperature and controlled time.


  • University Laboratories
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Industrial Plants
  • Pharmaceuticals facilities
  • Chemical manufacturing



Acid waste drain and vent system, as shown on drawings, shall be NSF listed and CSA certified Schedule 40, polypropylene as manufactured by IPEX. System to include pipe supplied in 10 ft. lengths (or 20 ft lengths if NFRPP is specified), fittings, traps and neutralization tanks from the same manufacturer. It shall also include recommended adapters to connect to other piping materials, where applicable.


Pipe shall be made from NSF listed Type 1, flame retardant polypropylene conforming to ASTM D4101, with a maximum average flame spread of zero seconds and a maximum extent of burning of 13 mm, in accordance with ASTM D635. Matched fittings shall be made from NSF listed flame retardant polypropylene with average maximum burn time of 80 seconds and maximum extent of burning of 20 mm in accordance with ASTM D635. If NFRPP pipe is specified, it shall be made from NSF 14 listed and CSA certified Schedule 40 PP as manufactured by IPEX. Pipe shall comply with ASTM F1412 and material used shall comply with the material requirements of ASTM D4101.


Fittings shall be NSF listed and have an integral heavy gauge, nickel/chrome electrical resistance wire molded in place in the fitting body. Copper wire elements, loose wire or other loose joint components, are prohibited. Fittings shall be Enfield or approved equal.


Connections between polypropylene pipe and fittings shall be made using the Enfield joint. All joints shall have a fusion cycle controlled by a microprocessor operated, waterproof, Enfusion control unit equipped with input and output voltage sensors, ambient temperature sensors to automatically adjust fusion time and audible alarms to indicate cycle interruptions and completion of the joining process. The unit shall be capable of fusing multiple joints and with a minimum capability of eight 2" joints with the same fusion time as a single joint. Connections between polypropylene and other piping materials shall be made using Enfield adapters according to manufacturer’s (IPEX) recommendations. All electrofusion machines shall be third party certified by UL and CSA.


Installation and testing shall be in accordance with the contract drawings, the manufacturer’s recommendations and the local plumbing codes. Testing with compressed air is prohibited. The entire system shall be installed free of stress and in proper alignment. Horizontal supports shall provide a wide bearing area and be free of burrs or sharp edges. Support spacings shall be in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and local plumbing codes. Vertical piping shall have riser clamps at each floor. Pipe supports should be installed so that horizontal piping is in uniform alignment and with a uniform slope of at least 1/8".


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Enfield™ Electrofusion Acid Waste System provides the Formula for Safety at the University of New Mexico Chemistry Facility.

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