Scepter® Rigid PVC Fittings

Scepter Rigid PVC conduit fittings off a wide range of boxes, fittings, couplings and elbows.

  • Scepter PVC fittings are suitable for exposed, concrete encased & direct burial
  • Scepter PVC fittings offer high impact and tensile strength
  • Scepter PVC fittings are non-corroding for lower maintenance costs & superior performance

Scepter offers a comprehensive offering of PVC conduit fittings including adapters, couplings, elbows, access fittings, boxes, cover plates and expansion fittings - everything you need to complete a PVC conduit and fittings system. 

Easy installations, the ability to perform in demanding environments and labor savings are the reasons PVC conduit fittings are chosen by contractors. Scepter® PVC conduit fittings offer both high impact and tensile strength, are nonconductive and are resistant to a wide range of chemicals such as acids, alkalis and salt solutions.



Fitting Sizes

1/2" - 6"


Scepter Rigid PVC boxes and fittings conform to: CSA C22.2 No. 85

UL Listed UL514B - UL514C



Parking garages


Car washes


Fish plants






Steel mills

Bridges & tunnels

Water treatment plants

Sewage treatment plants

Pulp & paper industries

Street & highway lighting

Food processing plants



All wiring shall be installed in Rigid PVC conduit and secured to PVC boxes and cabinets by means of proper fittings. All boxes, access fittings and covers shall be furnished with threaded brass inserts, brass screws and PVC gaskets. Rigid PVC fittings and junction boxes shall be used for all outlets, pull boxes and junction points. All PVC junction boxes shall be NEMA 1, 2, 3, 4, 4X, 6P, 12 and 13 rated and UL Listed for wet locations.

Exposed conduit shall be securely held in place by suitable hangers or straps with the maximum spacing of points for supports not exceeding those specified in the CEC or NEC. Except when embedded in concrete, rigid conduit pipe shall not be clamped tightly. It shall be supported in such a manner as to permit adequate linear movement, allowing for expansion and contraction of conduit due to temperature change. Where a temperature change exceeding 25°F (14°C) is anticipated, rigid PVC expansion joints shall be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Proper care shall be taken when field bending, to maintain the internal diameter and wall thickness of the conduit. The contractor shall furnish and install Scepter Rigid PVC conduit pipe and fittings made by IPEX. Where the engineer’s specifications indicate Scepter products or equivalent, the equivalent shall be CSA certified and accepted by the National Electrical Code. Due to broad manufacturing tolerances, all pipe and fitting products shall be of the same manufacturer.


Support Spacing for Schedule 40 PVC

Due to PVC’s light weight, support spacing is different than that used with metal conduits. Learn about support spacing requirements for Schedule 40 PVC pipe.