Super Duct DBII Pipe and Fittings

Underground power and communications duct

  • Super Duct is easy to carry and install, reducing labour requirements and costs
  • The natural flexibility of Super Duct allows for field bending during installation
  • The smooth bore of Super Duct facilitates cable pulling eliminating cable damage

Super Duct is recognized by major utilities, contractors and engineering firms as the premier ducting product available on the market. Super Duct is manufactured with a specialized compound, and engineered for high impact and crush strength specifically required by utilities for underground duct. This compound also enhances the friction coefficient of Super Duct.




2”- 6” (50mm – 150)


10' (3m) and 20' (6.1m)

Telephone Duct

Type B, Type B(HW), Type C, Type D

Telephone Duct Type B and Type B – Heavy Wall are designed for use in concrete-encased installations.

Telephone Duct Type C is designed for direct burial applications.

Telephone Duct Type D is designed for exposed and special applications, and contains 6% titanium oxide for UV resistance.

Power and Communication Duct

Rated for 90º cable

NEMA TC – 6 and 8, ASTM D1784 and ASTM F512






Hospitals / Medical Complexes

Commercial Buildings



Duct shall be IPEX Super Duct or approved equal. Duct, fittings, spacers and solvent cement shall be provided by the same manufacturer to assure system integrity. The duct is to be secured mechanically with vertical lock spacers to prevent disturbance to the alignment during installation.


Duct shall be identified for type and manufacturer and shall be traceable to plant location, date, shift and machine of manufacture. The markings shall be legible and permanent.


Duct for use in underground, encased or direct burial applications shall be made from PVC compound that includes inert modifiers to give high modulus of elasticity, improved weatherability and deflection characteristics.


Bell Ends - Super Duct is bell-ended, allowing for easy assembly in the field.

High Compressive Strength - Super Duct’s specially formulated compound is designed to withstand high loads.

Low Coefficient of Friction - The smooth bore of Super Duct facilitates cable pulling and eliminates costly cable damage.

Quality Control - Stringent, continuous testing ensures that Super Duct is a consistently high quality product.