Cements and Primers

IPEX cements are formulated to the highest standards in the industry and manufactured with the strictest quality control.

  • Permanent solvent weld connections
  • Installer training
  • Technical support

Choosing the correct solvent cement is vital to the performance of your IPEX integrated piping system. We offer a complete range of IPEX brand cements, primers and applicators, designed to ensure the integrity of your application.

To help you achieve a perfect joint every time, on-the-job training, videos and instruction booklets are available explaining our proven procedures. Contact your nearest IPEX representative for assistance. Strengthen the connection between pipe and fittings with IPEX solvent cements and primers, available for all PVC, CPVC and ABS piping systems.



Choosing the correct cement is a vital link in a thermoplastic piping system. Although cement is one of the most critical components of a piping system, it is most often overlooked.

Cements are formulated to best meet specific needs for example, general-purpose cement is thinner and less aggressive in bonding than heavy-duty industrial cement.

IPEX offers a wide range of high strength solvent cements for thermoplastic piping systems. Regular, medium, heavy or extra heavy cements are specially formulated for PVC pipe and fittings up to 900 mm (36") diameter for both pressure and non-pressure applications, CPVC through 300 mm (12") diameter and ABS through 200 mm (8") diameter.

IPEX offers a complete range of cements, primers and applicators so installers can choose the RIGHT ONE for their project and, following the basic steps, be assured of a good joint every time.