AquaRise® Hot and Cold Potable Water Distribution Systems

Compare to traditional metal systems and AquaRise® proves itself a strong, highly-engineered and affordable improvement over copper.

  • Long-term performance
  • Fully-certified
  • SDR 11 for Hot & Cold and SDR 21 specifically for Cold water distribution

AquaRise, a hot and cold potable water distribution system for commercial, industrial and high buildings. Based on over 15 years' experience designing and manufacturing industry-leading CPVC systems, AquaRise offers numerous benefits over metal with a system that’s fully-approved for noncombustible applications. AquaRise also comes with technical support and jobsite trouble-shooting – all from one reliable supplier.

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• SDR 11 Hot & Cold Potable Water Distribution Systems are available in 1/2" to 4" Iron Pipe Size (IPS) diameters.
• SDR 21 Cold Potable Water Distribution System is available in 1-1/2" to 4" Iron Pipe Size (IPS) diameters.

Proven to Exceed Toughest Standards

Thanks to its advanced materials and rugged design, AquaRise Hot and Cold Water (SDR 11) provides a long-term pressure rating of 400 psi at 23°C (73º F) and 150 psi at 71°C (160º F). AquaRise Cold Water (SDR 21) provides a long-term pressure rating of 200 psi at 23°C (73º F) and both systems will use AquaRise Hot and Cold Water (SDR 11) fittings. Both systems meet the requirements of CSA B137.6. AquaRise passes the punishing burst pressure tests conforming to ASTM F442.

Better Long-Term Performance

Unlike metal piping which may pit, scale and degrade over time, AquaRise’s rugged thicker walls and excellent corrosion resistance ensure years of consistent flow and low-maintenance performance, even in demanding hot water recirculation applications.


Fully-Certified Compliance

Designed to be safely used in hot and cold water distribution systems, AquaRise complies with the following:

  • CSA B137.6 (CPVC Pipe, Tubing and Fittings for Hot and Cold Water Distribution Systems)
  • NSF 61 (Potable Water Classification)
  • CAN/ULC-S102.2

Full Flame & Smoke Approvals

Listed to the CAN/ULC-S102.2 standard, AquaRise achieved a Flame Spread rating of not more than 25 and a Smoke Development classification of not more than 50. Unlike competitive products, AquaRise does not need insulation to achieve certification. Ideal for noncombustible applications, AquaRise is code compliant to the following sections of the National Building Code of Canada:

  • High-rise buildings as defined by NBC article 3.2.6
  • Air plenums as defined by NBC article
  • Noncombustible buildings as defined by NBC article

Permanent Joining System 

IPEX supplies high quality CPVC cement, primer and applicators for enabling tough, permanent welded pipefitting connections.

For 1/2” to 2” diameters use only AquaRise One-Step solvent cement Kits. 

For 2-1/2" to 4" diameters use only AquaRise Two-Step Cement Kits. 



These specifications are provided as a sample and include AquaRise® pipe, fittings, valves, and solvent cements.


Combustible Pipes in Non-Combustible Buildings - OBOA (Ontario Building Officials Association) Journal, September 2020

When do the flame spread rating (FSR) of not more than 25 and smoke developed classification (SDC) of not more than 50 come into play?

TOM Provides New Home for AquaRise® and System XFR®

Centrally located in downtown Montréal, close to the city’s financial district, the TOM (Tower of Montreal) Condo is a 40-storey development with 316 units. Ranging in size from 45 m2 to 250 m2. Suites are available with one, two or three bedrooms.

Mosaic Stadium, Regina: Home to the Roughriders and IPEX

From the beginning the owner was interested in the use of thermoplastic piping systems for drain, waste, and ventilation (DWV), potable water and chilled water lines, but research needed to be done. After looking at price and installation-time comparisons with copper and steel pipe, the most cost-effective choice with the quickest install time was thermoplastic pipe.

Modern Pipe for Modern Living

Located in Kingston’s West End, Notting Hill is a brand new 8-storey condominium that offers elegant, inviting suites and the latest amenities. Designed with modern style and character throughout, the facility also offers the very latest water distribution system from IPEX — AquaRise.

Retirement Living Ready Faster

Each of the 100 suites offers a kitchenette and bathroom, and installing the potable hot and cold water distribution system was accomplished faster and cost effectively with the very latest from IPEX — AquaRise.

Reaping All the Benefits

Each of the luxury units features a washer and dryer area, state-of- the-art kitchen and elegant bathroom, all of which obtain water via the latest water distribution system from IPEX — AquaRise.

AquaRise Takes the LEED

Located in the Pierrefonds sector of the Pierrefonds/Roxboro borough area of Québec, a new police station was recently built with the environment in mind.