RadonX™ Soil Gas Venting

The First Engineered PVC Soil Gas Venting System.

  • Reducing indoor soil gas concentrations and health risks associated with radon gas through sub-slab depressurization system
  • Complete system of gas collection and vent pipes, fittings, solvent cement and venting accessories
  • Unique product features, markings and warning labels for ease of identification

Peace of Mind from the Ground UpTM

RadonXTM Soil Gas Venting, is specifically designed, tested and labeled to address the need for collecting and venting radon gas from a dwelling. Focusing on low-rise construction, the RadonX PVC product offering consists of perforated gas collection and non-perforated vent pipes, fittings, solvent cement and termination accessories manufactured to strict quality, performance and dimensional standards.



Available Size
4” (100 mm)

Wall Thickness
Schedule 40

RadonX pipes and fittings are manufactured from PVC compounds that comply with the material requirements of CSA B181.2 “PVC Drain, Waste and Vent Pipe and Pipe Fittings”.

RadonX PVC solvent cement meets the performance requirements of ASTM D2564. The ultra low VOC solvent cement is yellow in colour and should only be used with RadonX soil gas venting pipe and fittings.


RadonX pipe and fittings are designed and tested as a system by IPEX Inc. Mixing of pipe, fittings or joining methods from different manufacturers is not allowed as they have different joint systems and adhesives. These can result in unsafe conditions and cause radon gas leaks. RadonX pipe and fittings must NOT be used for any applications other than soil gas venting.

Flame Spread

When tested to the CAN/ULC S102.2 Standard, RadonXTM achieved a Flame Spread Rating of not greater than 25.


Compliance to Standards

RadonX pipe and fittings comply to all material, dimensional and testing requirements of CSA B181.2 and ASTM D2665. The RadonX piping system complies to gas leakage, pull out, torque and combustibility test requirements of ULC S636. When combustible pipe and fittings are used in buildings required to be of non-combustible construction, they shall be listed by ULC to the Standard CAN/ULC S102.2 and clearly marked with the certification logo indicating a Flame Spread Rating not exceeding 25.

Code compatibility

RadonX pipe and fittings satisfy the requirements of the Provincial and National Building Codes for soil gas venting.


In accordance with CGSB/CAN 149.11 and CGSB/CAN 149.12, each length of RadonX pipe is tagged with a warning label. All RadonX fittings are tagged with a warning label against the risk of radon gas leak if system is not installed as per IPEX installation instructions. All RadonX pipe and fittings include identification markers to indicate size, material description, product application, complying standards, date of production and manufacturer’s name or trademark. Both gas collection and vent pipes consist of two yellow print-lines located 180 degrees apart. All RadonX product markings are bilingual.