System 15® PVC

Designed for the majority of low-rise and light commercial applications where DWV systems don’t run through air plenums.

  • Cost Effective
  • Broad Range of Sizes
  • Long-term Reliability

As an investment, System 15 is a winner. It’s a cost-effective “workhorse” designed for the majority of low-rise and light commercial applications where DWV systems don’t run through air plenums.

In addition to costing less than cast iron, System 15 pipe and fittings are engineered to withstand years of uninterrupted service. Made of tough, impact resistant PVC, System 15 won’t rust, pit, scale or degrade, even under continued exposure to moisture, salts, aggressive soils and most acids. Interior and exterior walls remain smooth, ensuring years of reliable, maintenance-free flow.

As well, System 15 is lightweight and easy to handle, making installation — even in confined or awkward wall spaces — fast and easy. There’s no need to pay for special hoisting equipment or extra manpower. This all converts to significant cost savings over copper and cast iron piping.

Do the math: System 15 is an unbeatable, cost-effective investment — now and for years to come.



1-1/2" - 24" (40mm - 600mm)

Drain Waste and Vent Piping in:

  • Light Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Residential
  • Above ground or underground

Flame Spread

When tested to the CAN/ULC S102.2 Standard, System 15 achieved a Flame Spread Rating of not greater than 25.



Lightweight. Easy to handle. Fast installation with no special equipment required. Substantial project cost savings over traditional piping materials.


Broad Range of Sizes

CSA certified in sizes from 1-1/2" to 24" in diameter. The most extensive DWV package available in North America.


Long-term Reliability

System 15 performs well under constant use in harsh environments corrosive to other materials.


Impact Resistance

The high impact strength of System 15 reduces jobsite damage and wastage.

Simple Joining

Solvent welding eliminates the need for cumbersome tools and the hazards of torches on site.


Direct Burial

Suitable for both above- and below-grade applications, eliminating the transition to other pipe materials at grade level.



IPEX System 15 Drain, Waste and Vent pipe and fittings shall be certified to CSA B181.2. When combustible pipe and fittings are used in buildings required to be of noncombustible construction, they shall be listed by ULC to the Standard CAN/ULC S102.2 and clearly marked with the certification logo indicating a Flame Spread Rating not exceeding 25.

IPEX System 15 pipe and fittings have been tested and certified by CSA to the CSA B181.2 standard.


The CF Chinook Centre owners chose to centralize the disposal of FOG waste by running pipes from each restaurant to a single location. Jonathan Suisham, Mechanical Sales, IPEX worked with the engineering firm Smith & Andersen, to specify the Drain-Guard™ Double Containment piping system for this project.

Firestopping Combustible Pipes – Mechanical Business Magazine, September/October 2020

Since plastic piping systems are used so widely in construction today, I’ve teamed up with Kevin Yong-Ping, one of IPEX’s engineers, to raise the awareness of firestopping best practices as they relate to combustible pipe penetrations.

Combustible Pipes in Non-Combustible Buildings - OBOA (Ontario Building Officials Association) Journal, September 2020

When do the flame spread rating (FSR) of not more than 25 and smoke developed classification (SDC) of not more than 50 come into play?

MJ Grey™ Makes Connections in Windsor

In April IPEX Sales Representative, Patrick Bergeron, visited the warehouse and met with site foreman, Grant Thomas. Thomas mentioned that the MJ Grey™ Mechanical Couplings were making it much easier to do the 8” and 10” install with the height and space challenges in the warehouse.

The Maples Supportive Living Complex

The community of Antigonish, Nova Scotia is looking forward to the May 1st, 2018 opening of a brand-new seniors’ retirement residence.

System 15® Scores at BMO Field

In 2016, the nine-year old BMO Field in Toronto, home of the Toronto FC, also became home to the Toronto Argonauts, and a $120 million investment to expand seating began. IPEX System 15 DWV was used to drain water from the canopies into the existing storm water system.

Mosaic Stadium, Regina: Home to the Roughriders and IPEX

From the beginning the owner was interested in the use of thermoplastic piping systems for drain, waste, and ventilation (DWV), potable water and chilled water lines, but research needed to be done. After looking at price and installation-time comparisons with copper and steel pipe, the most cost-effective choice with the quickest install time was thermoplastic pipe.

IPEX System XFR® with MJ Grey™ Couplings Makes for Fast Replacement of Corroded Pipe

The North York Chinese Baptist Church (NYCBC) is following in the footsteps of the local development with a new 92,000 square foot, sixstory religious sanctuary.

IPEX System 15 and System XFR Support New Multi-Purpose Complex

Thanks to $31 million in funding contributed by Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments, Pictou County, Nova Scotia now enjoys a new multi-purpose sport, recreation and wellness complex.

IPEX Piping Contributes to New St. John’s Long-Term Care Facility

In In keeping with the goal to construct and renovate long-term care facilities, hospitals and health centres, the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador is nearing completion of a new $118 million state-of-the-art long-term care facility on an 18-acre site in St. John’s.

IPEX System 15 with MJ Grey Couplings Speeds Winnipeg Parkade Construction

In Winnipeg, Manitoba, the past few decades have seen the downtown area undergo major revitalization efforts with more than $1.2 billion invested since 1999.