PVC Solvent Weld Sewer Pipe and Fittings

A complete line of solid and perforated PVC solvent weld sewer pipe and fittings for building drainage and sewer applications.

  • Costs less to operate
  • Greater hydraulic efficiency
  • Long Term Performance

PVC solid sewer pipe is used for the collection of domestic waste and storm water. PVC perforated sewer pipe is used for septic fields and foundation drainage. The solvent weld assembly method offers tight joints, eliminating infiltration, exfiltration and root infestation. A complete line of solvent weld sewer fittings is available for use with our pipe. IPEX PVC solvent weld pipe and fittings are available in nominal sizes from 3" to 6" (75mm to 150mm).



3" - 6" (75mm - 150mm)

Our solid PVC drain sewer, storm sewer and stub pipe is engineered specifically for the collection of domestic waste and storm water – under concrete-slab foundations, from the foundation to the sewer lateral or stub line, or from the property line to the municipal sewer line and storm sewer.

Quality manufactured from chemical- and corrosion-resistant PVC, IPEX sewer systems are not affected by the sewer gases or sulfuric acid created as products of the hydrogen sulfide (H2S) cycle or aggressive soil conditions. At the same time, their high strength and flexibility enable them to deflect and absorb the shear stresses that can occur due to earth settlement, soil movement or loading.


  • Building sanitary or storm drain lines
  • Foundation perimeter drains
  • Septic field distribution piping


Costs Less to Operate

A plastic sewer system costs less to operate and maintain because it has greater flow capacity per given size and fewer joints. The pipe is flexible enough to conform to shifts and setting caused by unstable soil conditions or traffic without cracking, breaking or opening of the joints.


Greater Hydraulic Efficiency

PVC has the smoothest flow surface of any piping material today resulting in a Manning flow coefficient, N of .009. As a result, the pipe will not be susceptible to blockages and will maintain a high flow capacity over the life of the pipeline. The BDS piping will outperform corrugated interior tubing products in flow capacity and structural performance, especially in perimeter drain applications.

Life Cycle

The economic life cycle of a PVC sewer system is projected at more than 50 years.



IPEX BDS Sewer Pipe is available in Standard Spec or third-party certified to CSA B182.1 or BNQ 3624-050 and conforms to ASTM. IPEX BDS fittings, made to SDR35 wall, are third party certified to CSA 182.2 and BNQ 3624-130 and conform to ASTM D2729.