Q-Line® Composite

A unique composite, water service tubing that combines the advantages of both metal and plastic, while eliminating their drawbacks.

  • Handles like copper
  • Built-in permeation barrier
  • Zero scrap value

Manufactured by IPEX to AWWA C903-02, Q-Line is the only water service tubing in North America that delivers the strength of metal, the flexibility of soft copper and the durability of thermoplastic. What’s more, because it eliminates the shortcomings of traditional piping materials, Q-Line is superior to them all.



Q-Line PE-AL-PE Service Tubing

200 psi @ 73.4ºF (1380 kPa @ 23ºC)

100 psi @ 180ºF (690 kPa @ 82ºC)

3/4 & 1" (20 & 25 mm)


CSA B137.9 certified


ASTM F1282

NSF Std. 14 certified

NSF Std. 61 certified


Municipal water service

Reclaimed water



Water service tubing shall be composite PE-AL-PE tubing manufactured in accordance with the requirements of AWWA C903 and certified to CSA B137.9 and ASTM F1282. It shall have a long term pressure rating of 1380kPa at 23ºC (200 psi at 73ºF) and 690kPa at 82ºC (100 psi at 180ºF).

The pipe shall be third-party tested and certified to comply with NSF-PW potable water and NSF CL-TD chlorine resistance requirements. The service tubing shall be colour coded light blue as manufactured by IPEX under the trade name “Q-Line” or approved equal.


Fittings for composite PE-AL-PE tubing shall be brass water service fittings conforming to AWWA C800.


A Wise Choice Made 30 Years Ago

In the early 1980s, decision makers in charge of the City of Vaudreuil-Dorion infrastructures had a sense of vision and made a responsible choice for the lasting benefit of the tax payers. A vision that would ensure durable infrastructures for over 30 years. The technical services, in cooperation with the public works department, decided a major shift for products to be used in potable water distribution applications. Since then PVC has become ``The Material of Choice`` made by the City to meet the overall needs, taking into account the existing soil conditions throughout the territory.