Ultra X2® Dual Wall PVC Profile Pipe Dual Wall PVC Profile Pipe

A new dual wall PVC profile pipe that takes the benefits of PVC profile pipe up to 900mm.

  • Ease of installation
  • Joint tightness and infiltration
  • Resistance to corrosion / abrasion

IPEX's Ultra Rib has become the standard for storm water systems up to 600mm due to its ease of installation, reliable performance and resistance to corrosion and abrasion. Now IPEX is introducing Ultra-X2: a new dual wall PVC profile pipe that takes the benefits of PVC profile pipe up to 900mm.

Ultra-X2 has extremely tight joints. Even though it is designed as a non-pressure drainage pipe, its joints can withstand a hydrostatic pressure of 15 psi. This allows it to perform even in the toughest conditions – surcharged sewers or high groundwater conditions



Ultra-X2 PVC Sewer Fittings (Open profile OD)

30 & 36" (750 & 900mm)


CSA B182.4



Storm sewer

Highway / culvert



IPEX Ultra-X2 PVC Pipe is available in sizes 750mm and 900mm (30" & 36").


Ultra-X2 PVC Pipe shall be made of PVC compound having a cell classification of 12454B as defined in ASTM D1784.


Ultra-X2 PVC pipe and fittings shall be certified to CSA B182.4 “Profile PVC Sewer Pipe and Fittings”, and shall meet the requirements of ASTM F794 “Standard Specification for Poly (Vinyl chloride) (PVC) Profile Gravity Sanitary Pipe and Fittings Based on Controlled Inside Diameter”.


Pipe stiffness must be 320 kPa (46 lbs/in of sample length per inch of deflection) at 5% vertical deflection when tested according to ASTM D2412.


Assembly of Ultra-X2 pipe shall be done in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions using only IPEX PVC pipe lubricant. Substitute lubricants shall not be used. IPEX lubricant shall be applied to the inside of the bell to be joined, to a uniform thickness for a distance inside the bell equivalent to three corrugated profiles from the outside edge.


Pipe shall be colour-coded green.


A Wise Choice Made 30 Years Ago

In the early 1980s, decision makers in charge of the City of Vaudreuil-Dorion infrastructures had a sense of vision and made a responsible choice for the lasting benefit of the tax payers. A vision that would ensure durable infrastructures for over 30 years. The technical services, in cooperation with the public works department, decided a major shift for products to be used in potable water distribution applications. Since then PVC has become ``The Material of Choice`` made by the City to meet the overall needs, taking into account the existing soil conditions throughout the territory.