IPEX Fusible™ Fused Joint PVC Pipe (CIOD & IPSOD)

IPEX provides the only available method of installing a continuous, monolithic, fully restrained PVC pipe system.

  • Greater pull force rating than HDPE
  • Lower installation costs versus HDPE
  • Creates gasket-free joints

Capable of being used in a variety of trenchless or conventional direct bury applications, Fusible PVC pipe systems have been installed at numerous sites throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico for both pressure and non-pressure installations in the water and sewer industries. With PVC’s proven long service life, Fusible Brute (CIOD) and Fusible Series (IPS) pipes are available in sizes ranging from 100mm (4") to 750mm (30") with larger sizes in development. The proprietary PVC formulation, fusion process as well as our licensing and training program allow for the consistent, reliable fusion of Fusible Brute and Fusible Series pipes to create piping systems of unparalleled strength.



Fusible Brute Fused-Joint PVC Pipe (CIOD)

SDR26 160 psi (1100 kPa)   300mm - 600mm

DR25 165 psi (1130 kPa)   150mm - 750mm

SDR21 200 psi (1380 kPa)   150mm - 600mm

DR18 235 psi (1620 kPa)   100mm - 600mm

DR14 305 psi (2100 kPa)   100mm - 400mm

12.2m or 13.7m lengths


CSA B137.3 certified



NSF Std. 61 certified

BNQ NQ 3624-250*


Municipal transmission mains

Municipal distribution mains

Sewer forcemains

Reclaimed water piping

Storm drains

Irrigation piping

Process and raw water lines



Fusible PVC pipe shall be certified to CSA B137.3 and NSF61, and conform to AWWA C900 or AWWA C905. Testing shall be in accordance with CSA B137.3 and AWWA standards for all pipe types.


The PVC Fusion contractor must be identified in the tender documents and the Fusion Technician shall be fully qualified by IPEX to fuse Fusible PVC pipe of the type(s) and size(s) being used. Qualification shall be current as of the actual date of the tender and of fusion on the project.


30 Fusible PVC Pipe to Protect Community from Flooding

As with much of Edmonton’s storm systems that collects surface water into underground pipes and conveys it to either surface watercourse, lakes, ravines or the river, the development of Keswick required a system to drain surface water and prevent flooding.

IPEX Plays Through at Royal York Golf Course

The City of Armstrong, BC had a water main project requiring a unique solution — IPEX FusibleTM pipe. In April 2014, approximately 420 metres of 200 mm water main needed to be installed through an active, operational golf course

Saving Time and Costs with Fusible PVC

The weakening of a fiberglass transmission main on Castle Downs Road meant a drop in water pressure for the many

nearby residents that it supplied. Replacing the 451 m length of failing pipe by traditional methods would cause a lengthy, major disruption of a busy Edmonton thoroughfare. The solution? The installation of IPEX Fusible Brute PVC piping within the current fiberglass pipe.

A Wise Choice Made 30 Years Ago

In the early 1980s, decision makers in charge of the City of Vaudreuil-Dorion infrastructures had a sense of vision and made a responsible choice for the lasting benefit of the tax payers. A vision that would ensure durable infrastructures for over 30 years. The technical services, in cooperation with the public works department, decided a major shift for products to be used in potable water distribution applications. Since then PVC has become ``The Material of Choice`` made by the City to meet the overall needs, taking into account the existing soil conditions throughout the territory.