CycleTough® PVC Series Pipe and Fittings (IPSOD)

CycleTough® is specifically designed for irrigation systems and sewer forcemains.

  • High pressure capacity
  • Toughness engineered through material reinforcement
  • Bottle-tight joints with removable gaskets

IPEX CycleTough systems are made with the same high-impact, engineered compound as our Blue Brute® systems, and are tested to maintain the same high standards. Proven in tough North American climates for over 50 years, IPEX PVC pipe systems have an established track record of performance.

Unlike many competing fittings, CycleTough fittings are made with a longlife compound that extends service by 25%. In addition, CycleTough fittings have been engineered using the latest techniques in Finite Element Analysis (FEA), ensuring problem-free performance for the long haul.



CycleTough® PVC Series Pipe (IPSOD)

4 - 24" (100 - 600 mm)          SDR41 100 psi (690 kPa)

3 - 24" (75 - 600 mm)            SDR32.5 125 psi (860 kPa)

1-1/2 - 24" (40 - 600 mm)   SDR26 160 psi (1100 kPa)

1-1/2 - 24" (40 - 600 mm) SDR21 200 psi (1380 kPa)


CSA B137.3 certified

ASTM D2241

NSF Std. 61 certified


Potable water piping

Sewer forcemains

Reclaimed water piping

Golf course irrigation piping

Other irrigation piping

Industrial piping

CycleTough® Molded PVC Fittings (IPSOD)

200 psi (1380 kPa)

1-1/2 - 8" (40 - 200 mm)

CSA B137.2 Certified

4000 psi HDB


Potable water systems

Sewage force mains

Golf course and other irrigation piping

CycleTough® Fabricated PVC Fittings (IPSOD)

160 psi (1100 kPa)

10 - 24" (250 - 600 mm)

CSA B137.3 Certified


Potable water piping

Sewer forcemains

Reclaimed water piping

Golf course irrigation piping

Other irrigation piping



IPSOD PVC pipe shall be manufactured from PVC compound with ASTM D1784 cell class 12454B.

PVC pipe will have a minimum hydrostatic design basis (HDB) of 4000 psi and a short-term strength of 6400 psi. Pipe shall be certified to CSA B137.3.



Injection-moulded PVC fittings shall be made from PVC compound with a minimum HDB of 4000 psi. Fabricated fittings shall be made from sections of pipe certified to CSA B137.3 and fittings shall also be certified to CSA B137.3. All pipes and fittings shall be listed to NSF Standard 61 and shall be colour-coded white.


A Wise Choice Made 30 Years Ago

In the early 1980s, decision makers in charge of the City of Vaudreuil-Dorion infrastructures had a sense of vision and made a responsible choice for the lasting benefit of the tax payers. A vision that would ensure durable infrastructures for over 30 years. The technical services, in cooperation with the public works department, decided a major shift for products to be used in potable water distribution applications. Since then PVC has become ``The Material of Choice`` made by the City to meet the overall needs, taking into account the existing soil conditions throughout the territory.