Encase™ Acid Waste Polypropylene

IPEX Encase™ systems use polypropylene piping, inside and out, for high corrosion resistance over a broad temperature range.

  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Fast joining method
  • Leak detection compatible

Encase acid waste polypropylene double containment

At the heart of our patented Encase polypropylene system is its electrofusion fitting with a ground breaking heavy-gauge resistance wire molded into the socket. The result is a premier system that offers considerable reduction of installation time and the highest quality bubble-tight joints available.



Material          Carrier                         Containment

Polypropylene         1-1/2" - 8"     4" - 12"

Polypropylene Material

- Thirty years of success in chemical waste applications

- High corrosion resistance

- Wide temperature range

- Excellent chemical resistance

Same Material Inside and Out

- Eliminates differential expansion problems

- Chemical resistance is the same for the entire piping system

- System integrity is maintained in the event of a primary pipe leak


Restrained System

- Expansion anchor plates are installed on each fitting to control expansion

- No expansion loops necessary


Full Product Range

- 1-1/2" to 8" primary sizes available

- Manufactured in both non-flame retardant as well as flame retardant material for above ground installation

Drainage Pattern Fittings

- Ensures smooth chemical flow.

- Enfield piping has been used for chemical waste for over 25 years


Modular Design

- Components are factory fabricated. The only site joining necessary is the fusion of couplings to pipes and fittings

- Reduces labor costs

Fast Joining Method

- All site joints are made by electrofusion using an Enfusion Hand Held Unit.

- Quick and simple to make without the need for costly and cumbersome butt fusion machines

- Proven technology

- Narrower trench widths than for butt fusion, resulting in quicker and cheaper installation

- Joints can be made in the trench which reduces installation time

- Automatic microprocessor-controlled Enfusion unit ensures joint repeatability


Easy System Testing

- The primary pipe can be inspected and tested prior to closing the secondary joint (impossible with buttwelded systems)

- Any suspect primary joints can be re-fused prior to final closure of the secondary pipe


Leak Detection Compatible

- Encase is compatible with all common types of leak detection systems

- Upon request, pipe is furnished with knot-free twine to allow insertion of a pull rope for leak detection cable installation minimizing installation time.


Full Product Backup

- Expert personnel are available to assist in every facet of the Encase product