CustomGuard® Custom-Designed and Fabricated Systems

Custom-designed and fabricated double containment systems include a variety of different material choices.

  • Custom designed and fabricated
  • Cost-effective custom solutions
  • Fabrication of preassembled pieces to minimize install time and field joints

For applications whose mechanical, chemical or thermal requirements cannot be met by one of our off-the-shelf solutions, our double containment specialists will build a unique system to meet your performance specifications – considering chemical compatibility, cost of materials and installation, life expectancy and turnaround time.

Drawing on more than 15 years of double containment experience, IPEX has developed a variety of product-specific designs that result in a more cost-effective custom solution. And every CustomGuard system is backed by a range of support services unmatched by any other supplier.



For applications with more demanding mechanical, chemical and/or thermal requirements, IPEX has developed our CustomGuard offering. CustomGuard includes a variety of different system choices ranging from Fluoropolymers (e.g. PVDF), Thermosets (FRP); and carbon and stainless steel to hybrid combinations. Applications that require such materials are obviously complex, each demanding expertise and specialized knowledge to design an effective system. The CustomGuard option includes material selection, design, specification support (if needed) and fabrication of preassembled spooled pieces to minimize installation time and field joints.

Available in 1/2”-20” carrier and 2”-26” containment sizes.


  • Plant chemical distribution lines
  • Water and wastewater
  • Acid systems for refineries, pickling lines and plating shops
  • Battery manufacturing
  • Alum and caustic handling systems
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Generator back-up
  • Semiconductor
  • Hazardous waste systems