Duratec® Composite Airline

Duratec® is an innovative compressed air and inert gas distribution system.

  • Low installation costs
  • Lower operating costs
  • Extended life

Traditional metallic compressed air systems are a main cause of unnecessary energy use, excessive wear and tear on compressors and high consumption of compressor oils and filters. The culprits? Corrosion and leakage at pipe joints and fitting connections which often go undetected until they’re discovered during a detailed compressed air system audit.

Duratec pipe comes in long 100 foot or 300 foot coils, which significantly reduces the number of joints in your system. Duratec fittings feature unique double o-ring seals to ensure long-term joint integrity. And the entire Duratec system can be easily and quickly installed, modified or expanded without the need for specialized equipment.



Available in 1/2", 3/4" and 1" sizes.

Duratec Airline uniquely combines all of the benefits of metal and plastic in one. It is constructed of an inner and outer layer of PE-RT (Polyethylene of Raised Temperature) sandwiched over an aluminium core. The result is a lightweight, clean, non-corroding compressed air and inert gas piping system.

  • Plant Air
  • Inert gas distribution
  • Robotic installations
  • Manufacturing hand tool operation
  • Semiconductor tool hook up
  • Valve actuation – control systems
  • Microbulk inert gas delivery systems
  • Manual and automated welding operations

Duratec fittings also carry a national pressure vessel CRN# 0A02020.2CL (CRN# 0C02020.2CL for ball valves).

Duratec may be used for a wide range of applications including compressed air supply, hand tool operation, valve actuation, bulk inert gas delivery systems and CO2 delivery for carbonated beverages.

Some fittings do not have CRN registration. Contact IPEX Inc. for details.


All compressed air and inert gas pipe in sizes 1" and smaller shall be PE-RT - AL- PE-RT composite pipe made with high density polyethylene and aluminium conforming to ASTM F1282 and CSA B137.9. PE-RT -AL- PE-RT pipe shall meet the health and safety requirements of OSHA.

All compressed air and inert gas fittings in sizes 1" and smaller shall be nickel plated brass or 316 stainless steel and shall conform to the dimensional and physical requirements of ASTM F1974 and CSA B137.9. Fittings shall also be CRN registered (CRN# 0A02020.2CL for fittings, CRN# 0C02020.2CL for ball valves). All pipe, fittings and accessories shall be Duratec Air-line as manufactured by IPEX.


Helium and Duratec® Airline System: The Only Way Is Up

Party City® is an international party supply retailer and one of the largest users of helium in the United States. As a result of helium’s small molecular structure, it is often difficult to efficiently convey and contain as it can diffuse through various piping and fitting materials allowing it to escape into the air.