Guy Guard Safety Warning Device (PE)

Safety warning devices signaling the presence of guy wires.

  • Highly resistant to impact, even in cold weather
  • Resist corrosion and oxidation for long life
  • The bright colour alerts passerbys to the presence of a guy wire

IPEX Guy Guards are safety warning devices which signal the presence of guy wires attached to telephone and power distribution poles. IPEX Guy Guards slide over the metal rods or cables which are used to support and stabilize poles and antennas. These brightly coloured Guy Guards clearly indicate the presence of hard-to-see guy wires, reducing the risk of injury. They also act as impact buffers.




6 ½’ to 7’ (2m to 2.3 m)

Available in select areas only


Guy Guards shall be manufactured from medium density polyethylene. The name of the manufacturer and date produced shall be hot stamped on the face of the guard for permanent identification. Each guy guard shall be equipped with a two-piece noncorroding, zinc alloy clamp.


Highly Visible Colour

The bright colour of these safety devices alerts passerbys to the potentially dangerous presence of a guy wire. Guy Guards are available in standard bright yellow or bright green. Other colours and/or coloured stripes are also available.


Flexible Structure

Made of polyethylene polymer, these devices are highly resistant to impact, even in cold weather.

Long Life

IPEX Guy Guards resist corrosion and oxidation. Their mechanical features are therefore unaffected by exposure to ultraviolet rays and severe weather conditions such as acid rain.

Easy Installation

The Guy Guard is fastened to the guy wire with a noncorroding, zinc alloy clamp. This clamp is equipped with a double-jaw gripper system which locks the guard in place and enables it to be easily removed and replaced for maintenance purposes.