Monobloc® Spacers

The ideal solution for underground duct bank installation.

  • Accommodates the specific dimensions of DB and EB duct
  • Lowers material & labour costs by reducing concrete requirements
  • Different sized Monobloc spacers are easily grouped to create required widths

Monobloc spacers accommodate the specific dimensions of DB and EB duct and can be used as both a base spacer and an intermediate spacer for versatility. Monobloc spacers support DB/EB duct in sizes 2" – 5" and are available in a range of configurations that provide 1" to 3" separation between ducts. To minimize jobsite assembly these spacers are available as single, double, triple or quad run units (way). Any number of parallel conduit runs can be accommodated by combining Monobloc spacers (i.e. a 2-way and a 3-way create a 5-way).

Monobloc spacers are resilient at all temperatures, lightweight and easy to use. Readily available in 29 configurations, many with a molded-in rebar holder, theses spacers are an economical choice for virtually any duct bank installation.




2” - 5”


Underground duct banks

Medical campus

University campus


Twenty-six of the 29 different MONOBLOC spacers can be used interchangeably as either a base or intermediate unit.

MONOBLOC spacers fit the duct pipe and not each other, there is no concern about possible conflicts between interlocking methods.

MONOBLOC spacers are resilient at extremely low temperatures and immune to corrosion, rust, mildew and humidity.