Frontline Medical Face Shield

FRONTLINETM from IPEX is a Face Shield developed to support front line workers during the current pandemic. With a semi-closed top and hooks to support surgical masks, this innovative shield’s design protects and provides improved comfort for the user.


Features and Benefits:

  • Visor made from feather light and crystal clear PET provides excellent transparency and near-zero distortion due to the unique shape of the headband.
  • An anti-fog coating reduces the possibility of fogging in high humidity environments.
  • The shield provides 180° protection, covering both sides of the wearer’s face back to the ears, and extending from the forehead to below the chin.
  • Thick, soft, closed-cell foam pad conforms to the shape of the head for added comfort.
  • The semi-closed top provides additional protection from above the forehead.
  • Generous offset allows for wearing face mask and goggles under the shield.
  • Adjustable Natural Rubber (latex) band at the back to accommodate a variety of head sizes.
  • Built-in “ear saver”; hooks on the headband can be used to secure surgical masks, reducing stress on the ears.
  • Made for single use only.
  • Made in Canada. 


Warning: Shield is not impact resistant and should not be used as eye protection. Do not use as protection against open flames and sparks.

Approval: For our FRONTLINE product, IPEX holds a COVID-19 Medical Device Authorization for Sales from Health Canada. FRONTLINE is classified as a Medical Device Class I. Authorization number 315535.

Q&A with IPEX CEO, Alex Mestres

Patent Pending