Frontline Face Shield Initiative

Q&A with IPEX CEO, Alex Mestres

Q: How did the idea to make this product come about?

A: It was clear that frontline workers and government procurement teams needed additional supply of PPE and we wanted to do our part to support our communities. We had the resources, capability, and desire to help. I was personally impacted after speaking to a doctor friend of mine when he explained that he was bringing his face shield home each night and disinfecting it, because he was not sure he would get a new one the next day. So a small team of IPEX employees was given the challenge to repurpose some of our resources and come up with a face shield solution as fast as possible.


Q: What did the process to make a product IPEX had not manufactured before look like under tight time constraints?

A: Internal R&D staff worked to create 3D printed prototypes that were taken to local hospital workers for review and input. Several concepts were created and after three rounds of voice of customer input from health care workers, we had our final design. Tooling was ordered, raw materials secured and we set up to manufacture face shields in one of our Toronto molding facilities. Following a 4-week approval process with Health Canada, we started production and now we’re busy fielding inquiries.


Q: Who do you intend to distribute the face shields to?

A: Our focus was always on providing a top-quality shield for frontline health care workers and it remains our priority today. We’re also fielding inquiries from various industries that need to protect workers in this new environment where social distancing and protection of employees is so important. So we plan to distribute the shields as fairly as we can to a wide range of groups including healthcare facilities and retirement homes, as well as our customers and suppliers. Any proceeds from this activity will be used to fund donations of PPE to those in need.


Q: How does someone order the face shields?

A: We have tried to make it as simple as possible by creating a webpage to submit inquiries as well as an email address and direct phone number. The information is as follows:

Web page:

Email: faceshield @

Phone: 905-795-6125

Part Number: 081420