Neutrasystem 2™ PH Monitoring System

pH Monitoring, Recording, and Alarm System

  • Reliability
  • Submersible electrode (sensor)
  • Cost-effectiveness


Neutrasystem 2 ensures that discharges into the sewer are maintained within acceptable pH parameters by neutralizing the acidic waste with limestone chips.




Neutrasystem 2 ensures that discharges into the sewer are maintained within acceptable pH parameters by neutralizing the acidic waste with limestone chips. The system continuously samples the downstream flow while keeping an accurate, permanent record of pH discharge levels. The monitoring device will warn maintenance personnel, (visually and audibly), when pH discharges outside acceptable parameters are sensed. Once alerted, maintenance personnel can quickly and easily recharge the main IPEX Neutratank with limestone chips through the access cover incorporated into the tank’s design.

The system incorporates the following features:

  • UL 508 listed, NEMA 4X enclosure with hinged clear front cover for easy reading and access.
  • 110/120 VAC input power supply with GFI power cord protection and 24V DC operating voltage __ provides stabilized operating current for panel instrumentation and allows the use of low voltage cable for quick, easy installation in the field.
  • Control power circuit breaker, re-set protection (no fuses).
  • Continuous soft internal alarm horn, (sonalert type), and alarm silencing button. The alarm horn is activated when the probe senses a pH above or below the set parameters, and will remain on until the alarm silence button is pressed.
  • 31-day strip chart and single pen recorder - maintains a permanent record of pH levels.
  • “Power On” yellow light indicates that incoming 110/120 VAC power and the 24V DC system are functional.
  • “pH Alarm” red light indicates when the measured pH is outside acceptable parameters. The light will remain illuminated until the fault is cleared and the “System OK” green light is re-illuminated.
  • “System OK” green light indicates that the system is on-line and not in a default condition.
  • 0-14 pH pH PHCN micro-processor based pH controller with digital LED display.
  • Series 6510 submersible, pH electrode with chemically resistant CPVC body, viton O-rings and twist- lock connection providing easy maintenance.
  • 5-gallon high density polyethylene, one-piece construction, rotationally molded sample tank.

IPEX NEUTRASYSTEM 2 uses a CPVC submersible electrode (sensor) with automatic temperature compensation. The sensor has a flat surface junction to minimize fouling. The reference is sealed to minimize dryout and eliminate refilling solution.

The sensor is connected to a preamplifier by a 1/4 turn quick disconnect. The preamplifier has an attached cable for connection to the pH Controller in the NEUTRASYSTEM 2 panel. The cable has a BNC connector for the sensor signal and 3 spade terminals for automatic temperature compensation.


Neutralization Tank Sizing And Maintenance

The size of the neutralization tank is a function of the number of sinks and drains that are discharged into the system. According to ASPE, tanks are sized to provide a minimum “dwell time” of 2-1/2 to 3 hours. Based on this dwell time, ASPE has developed a sizing table which is summarized and can be used as a guide in selecting the proper size tank. Tanks should not be sized based on the number of sinks or drains alone. Certain types of waste may require particular needs and may not fall within the standard sink to tank ratio. Other factors that can affect the tank size are not limited to, but inclusive of: the amount of flow through the system, the type of chemicals and the size of the system piping. A qualified engineer should make the final determination of the tank size.


Acid waste monitoring system shall be the Neutrasystem 2 pH Monitoring System as supplied by IPEX Industrial Systems, comprising of a UL 508-listed, NEMA 4X, electrical pH monitoring panel and a 5-gallon high density polyethylene, one piece construction, rotationally molded sampling tank. The control panel shall incorporate a sonalert soft internal alarm horn with silencing button, pH alarm, power on, and “system OK” lights; and a 31- day strip chart with single pen recorder. The controller shall link to a double junction combination 6510 extended-use pH electrode encapsulated in a chemically resistant CPVC body with viton 0-rings. The electrode will have a flat sensing surface and the electrode body shall incorporate a twist lock connection to facilitate easy removal and replacement. The electrode shall have a response time of 5-10 seconds for pH changes. The 5 gallon pH sampling tank shall be installed downstream of a rotationally molded construction, high density polyethylene Neutratank with a flanged top, and combination bolt down and EZ Access cover. Connecting piping for the acid waste drainage and vent system shall be NSF-listed Schedule 40 polypropylene conforming to ASTM F1412 as manufactured by IPEX. Connecting fittings shall be NSF-listed and joined by the Enfield Enfusion method incorporating molded-in-place nickel chrome wire, or all plastic construction mechanical joint fittings incorporating anti pull-out collars (olives) to ensure against accidental pipe-fitting separation during and after installation. Installation and testing of the Neutrasystem 2 shall be in accordance with the contract drawings, the manufacturer’s recommendations and the local plumbing codes.


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