Centra-Guard™ Electronic Low Point leak Detection

Double containment leak detection system.

  • Reliability
  • Reusability
  • Cost-effectiveness


IPEX double containment systems can be equipped with our patented Centra-Guard leak detection, providing an advanced, fully-automated, reliable, cost-effective solution that offers the ultimate protection against environmental damage and the high cost of cleanup, not to mention lost production.



Centra-Guard is a patented electronic low point leak detection system that offers versatility, customization, and a lower material, installation, and maintenance cost than tradition cable leak detection systems. Centra-Guard utilizes a non-intrusive proximity sensor along with a NEMA 4X microprocessor based panel that offers continual fail safe leak detection.


  • Above-ground suspended pipeline applications with sensors housed in a saddle type clamp

Underground pipeline systems with drip leg assembly

With the unique Centra-Guard point-of-collection leak detection system, sensors are attached to the containment pipe in zones to immediately detect the leakage of fluid into the interstitial space.

IPEX Centra-Guard systems are available for above-ground, suspended piping applications, with sensors housed in saddle-type clamps, as well as for below-grade piping systems, with sensors located in drip leg assemblies. Cable-type leak detection is also available.


Centra-Guard Leak Detection – U.S. Patent No. 5,343,191

Provide and install at each zone a capacitive sensor station consisting of an external clip-on sensor, drip leg and drain valve with hose connection and/or riser and sensor extension handle. Each sensor shall have LED testing lamp, adjusting potentiometer and be removable for periodic testing. Sensor shall not penetrate the containment piping jacket or come into contact with the leaking media. Control console shall be housed in a NEMA 4X enclosure, operating on 120 VAC and supplying 24 VDC to zone sensors. Console shall have LCD display continuously showing system operating conditions and HMI buttons to allow authorized personnel to scroll through history, status, and test screens as well as alarm acknowledgement. Console shall also have a power indicator light, keyed on/off switch, keyed alarm silence switch, and common audible and visual alarm. LCD display shall indicate date, time, zone, and type of alarm (break/short, sensor malfunction or leak) and store data in non-volatile memory. An external output switch for accessory alarms and an RS-232 communication port shall be included. Leak detection system shall be Centra-Guard as manufactured by IPEX.